Plana CLI VX carbon fiber LED display
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When it comes to selecting a display for a video wall, the requirements are usually simple: great clarity, high brightness, and wide viewing angles, but weight can often be one of the most critical considerations when choosing a display.

Weight can determine where a video wall can be installed and the installation requirements. The latter may determine how complex and expensive the installation will be.

This is exactly why Planar designed the CarbonLight displays and why their patented carbon fiber construction has spread to other product lines.

Planar CLI VX CarbonLight carbon fiber LED display cabinet
Carbonlight cli vx Series

Not every display is designed to be a permanent installation (think temporary museum exhibits or traveling acts). Sometimes, displays need to be broken down weekly and reinstalled at a new location, often requiring special (and expensive) rigging to satisfy venue operators and government regulations.

CarbonLight displays can be over 40% lighter than their non carbon fiber counterparts. When scaled up, these are substantial weight savings. These weight savings make the CarbonLight series versatile and perfect for use in a variety of settings including movie sets, outdoor video walls, or temporary events.

top view of Planar CarbonLight CLI VX carbon fiber LED display
Planar CarbonLight CLI VX carbon fiber LED display for movie studios
The cli VX series has excellent on-camera visual properties
close up of carbon fiber weave
Close up of carbon fiber weave

Why you should care:

  • Carbon fiber doesn’t just look cool, it’s incredibly strong and lightweight
  • CarbonLight cabinets are over 40% lighter than comparable Planar displays
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Displays with pixel pitch as low as 1.3mm
  • Available see-through displays (CLM series)
  • Bendable display options (CLI Flex series)
  • Perfect for movie studios, temporary performances, and venues with limited rigging options
  • Modular design with excellent serviceability and maintenance access

Click here for the CLI Flex Series datasheet

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