Alan Levin professional headshot

Alan Levin


Brett Schneider professional headshot

Brett schneider

CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Brett Schneider joined WPS in 1992 as the Financial Controller to help manage the day-to-day operations of the accounting department. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland with an accounting degree and was a public accountant prior to joining WPS. In 2000, Brett was promoted to CFO and has been instrumental in navigating the growth of WPS. Shortly after Robert Levin, WPS President, passed away in 2013, Brett assumed leadership of the company and continues to do so today. Brett is an avid golfer, though he will admit he’s not very good. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Richard Kessler
Richard Kessler holding a trumpet

Richard Kessler

General Manager

Richard Kessler joined WPS in 1993 and manages the overall business operations and vendor relationships of the company. Richard has over 30 years of experience in the AV industry and has helped develop long-lasting relationships with customers and vendors alike. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and is a very skilled trumpeter which he is always happy to demonstrate. When he’s not dazzling crowds with his band, he enjoys spending time with his kids and traveling with his wife.

Adam Levin professional headshot
Adam Levin staring in befuddlement

Adam Levin

Executive Director of Product Sales

Keith Neubert

Keith Neubert

Executive Director, Engineered Systems

Geoff Owen
Geoff Owen holding a cricket bat

Geoff Owen

CTS-I, Executive Director of Technical Services

Geoff Owen joined WPS in 1990 to form and manage the technical support division. Geoff is a trained Design Engineer and works closely with the integration team by providing technical guidance on large-scale systems. He attended Trent University in Nottingham, UK and ESTE in Paris, France. Outside of work, Geoff likes playing the guitar, shooting photography, and cooking. He is also an experienced craft beer brewer.

Dominic Cappelletti professional headshot
Dominic Cappelletti posing with his electric guitar


Director of Broadcast Sales

Dominic Cappelletti joined WPS in 1998 as the Director of Broadcast Sales and has been instrumental in growing the broadcasting sales department. A bona fide industry expert, Dominic is constantly educating employees and customers alike on the latest trends in video, broadcasting, and conferencing. When he’s not nerding out on the latest tech, Dominic produces music and is a prolific live performer (who can shred a guitar with the best of them).

John fish

CTS-D, Sr. Project Engineer

John Fish joined WPS in 1990 as the Senior Project Manager to help design large scale AV systems and provide engineering support on complex projects. John is a graduate of Trenton State College and has over 30 years of experience in the AV industry as both an engineer and product marketing manager. He enjoys working with CAD even outside of work and loves woodworking.

Austin wydrzynski

CTS, Integration Manager

Austin Wydrzynski joined WPS in 2017 and is responsible for scheduling and managing the installation staff and project management. Austin attended Full Sail University with a degree in Recording Arts and has been in the live sound production industry for over 10 years, but has a deep background in audio and music. He enjoys all things audio including mixing and working on (and in) his home studio.

Vero Tabares
Vero Tabares writing in a journal

Vero Tabares

Marketing Director

John Foster professional headshot

John foster

Lighting Systems Designer

Del Jones professional headshot
Del Jones playing his prized electric guitar

Del Jones

CTS, Sr. Sales Engineer

Del Jones joined WPS in 2002 as the Sales Engineer to help with system design and specification for large-scale projects in the government, education, and transportation industries. Del attended Towson University and earned a dual major in both Mass Communication and Business Administration. He has extensive experience in entertainment production and has helped engineer systems for five NFL stadiums. Del is a singer and guitar player with a vast guitar collection. He also enjoys restoring vintage HiFi, jukeboxes, and guitar amps.

Brian Grant professional headshot

Brian grant

Sr. Account Executive

Kris Emery

PMP, Sr. Project Manager

Mary Jo Lyle professional headshot
Mary Jo Lyle taking a phone call from a customer

Mary jo lyle

Government Account Executive

Mary Jo Lyle joined WPS in 2018 to help manage and specify procurement contracts from government agencies at both the state and federal level. Mary Jo was one of the AV industry’s first female sales representatives and has over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and government sales. She is known for constantly having her ear to the ground and helping her clients discover new trends, manufacturers, and products. When she’s not on the phone or checking her email, Mary Jo enjoys relaxing on the beach (especially in Maui) and diamond art painting.

Howard Hanson professional headshot
Howard Hanson blowing his conk shell in hopes of finding Moby Dick

Howard Hanson

Account Executive

Howard Hanson joined WPS in 2015 as an Account Executive to help build opportunities in new industries and manage customer relationships. Howard is a graduate of Towson University with a BS in Music Business and has over 25 years of experience in sales prospecting, account management, and customer service. He is a lover of all this music and can play multiple instruments. Howard also enjoys fishing, inventing new gourmet recipes, and watching the occasional football game.

Chris Kendrick headshot

Chris Kendrick

Technical Services Admin

Chris Kendrick originally joined WPS in 2013 and provides support for the technical services team, including project management, resource management, and document controls. Chris has extensive experience in both IT and electronics, and earned his BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from Capitol Technical University. He has a diverse appreciation for music and performing arts, and has done gig work with IATSE throughout the region.

Joe Zamborsky professional headshot

Joseph Zamborsky

PMP, CTS, Integration Operations Manager

Joe Zamborsky is responsible for the successful completion of all systems projects. Joe leads the project management team and provides direct supervision of all project management activities including fabrication, subcontractors, and technical personnel. He is a veteran of the industry and is well known for managing high-profile AV projects in the government, education, and transportation industries. Joe enjoys spending time with his family and coaching little league football and basketball.

George Headley professional headshot

George headley

Procurement Manager

George Headley is the Procurement Manager and is responsible for the purchasing all equipment for large-scale integration projects. George manages vendor relations and manages all of the equipment logistics including terms, deliveries, and returns. He also provides bidding assistance including technical writing, pricing, and equipment specification. George is a gifted trumpeter and enjoys practicing new compositions.

Alejandro Rodriguez headshot
DJ Jandro

Alejandro Rodriguez

CTS, AV Field Technician

Ivan Baran professional headshot

ivan baran

Executive Director, Engineering

Headshot of LD Parker

LD Parker

Project Executive

LD Parker joined WPS as Project Executive and is responsible for managing large stadium, venue, and entertainment projects. LD is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors degree in Audio Arts and Acoustics. For the last 20 years, he has been engaged in the commercial audio-visual industry providing design, engineering and installation oversight, project management, and problem resolution for large scale integration projects. LD is an avid runner and enjoys spending time with his family.

Jim Lopynski professional headshot
Jim Lopynski holding a video camera

jim lopynski

Sr. Account Manager

Jim Lopynski joined WPS in 1994 to manage strategic national contracts and act as a mediator for manufacturer negotiations. Jim is an AV veteran with 43 years of experience in the industry and has developed strong relationships with customers and vendors. He attended James Madison University with a BA in Business Administration. Jim is a true Washington DC local and loves keeping up with DC-area sports teams. He is also an avid golfer and deep sea fisherman with a love of scuba diving and traveling to anywhere with an ocean or a beach.

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