Get The Most From Your Yamaha TF Digital Mixing Console With Firmware V3.5

Yamaha TF Consoles now benefit from a new Firmware upgrade. Click Here To Download Update Instructions.

New features

  • Channels 1 – 8 can be used with the Dugan Automixer.
  • Scenes saved via the TF series V3.11 or earlier do not include the Automixer parameters. This means that Automixer parameters will not change even such Scenes are recalled.
  • Added AUX Send point selection, Pre EQ or Pre Fader, for a channel to which AUX Send is set to Pre.
  • Added the “frame” unit for the Delay Time parameter setting in the Monitor Delay effect of OUTPUT channels and the OUTPUT DELAY effect.
  • Added the PFL Trim setting in the MONITOR CUE screen.
  • Added the stereo pair setting for the MATRIX1/2 bus and MATRIX 3/4 bus.
  • Added the “MTRX1/2” and “MTRX3/4” options to the RECORD source selection menu of the RECORDER screen.

Specification changes

  • Changed the “Last CUE” mode to the CUE stack* operation, same as with the “MIX CUE” mode.
  • *CUE stack: turning off the CUE for a low priority channel enables the CUE for a high priority channel to be turned on again.
  • Changed the [ON] key function when the [INPUT] key or the [FX] key of the MUTE section on the top panel is turned on.
  • V3.11 or earlier: Pressing an [ON] key turns the temporary cancelation for mute function on/off
  • V3.50 or later: Pressing an [ON] key temporary removes the channel from the mute group

Fixed bug

  • Solved a problem (of V3.10) in which, when an unsupported Dante device in HA remote was patched to an Input channel of TF, unexpected Virtual indicator appeared in the INPUT screen of the corresponding channel

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