Closeup of a Red brand camera

We proudly are the only east coast provider of Red Cameras. The genesis of RED stirred in 2005, with the first RED ONE camera being delivered in August of 2007. Jim Jannard, the owner and founder of sportswear and sunglass icon, Oakley, set out to realize his ultimate quest: to build the world’s best cameras. Starting literally out of a warehouse garage, he and a small group of pioneers changed the face of the motion picture industry.

Based on the RAW file capture of digital SLRs, the RED team engineered a camera capable of recording RAW, 4K images at up to 30 frames per second. Digital cinema, on a modern scale, was born. RED now leads the film industry with major leaps in technology. When aiming for the best images imaginable, from 4K to 8K there is a RED camera for any job.

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