Neumann MT 48 audio interface connected to inputs and outputs

Neumann recently announced the launch of their first-ever, in-house audio interface, the MT 48, made in collaboration with Merging Technologies, the Swiss manufacturer of world-class converters and interfaces that was recently acquired by Neumann in 2022.

Overhead view of Neumann's MT 48 audio interface

Neumann, which is known for its high-quality microphones and studio monitors, is well aware of that audio interfaces are a saturated market, but the MT 48 demonstrates that with key features, you can design an innovative product that stands alone amongst a sea of competitors.

Of course, being able to set yourself apart from the competition starts with a great foundation and Neumann’s MT 48 did just that by incorporating Merging Technologies’ excellent AD/DA converters from the Anubis and turns it up to 11 by offering a dynamic range of 136 dB(A), four times as much as the average audio interface on the market, according to Neumann.

Side close-up of the MT 48's touchscreen controls
Left overhead angled view of the MT 48's touchscreen controls
Top overhead view of Neumann's MT 48 audio interface

For Neumann fans and studios already using their monitors, microphones, or headphones, the Neumann claims that the MT 48 will be the first audio interface capable of capturing the full dynamic range of its mics and has been optimized to the KH-line of studio monitors and headphones. Just as impressive is the ability of the MT 48 to deliver 78 dB of gain from microphones, including low output ribbon mics, and 0.035 ohms output to headphones.

Equipped with a powerful DSP, the MT 48 is a full-featured digital mixing console and offers independent 4-band EQ and 3-way dynamics processing (gate/compressor/limiter) on every channel as well as reverb for monitor mixes. With the MT 48, Neumann also introduced “Dual Output Technology” that offers Pre-FX and Post-FX recording simultaneously. Musician/engineers will also appreciate the four analog inputs and eight analog output channels that can be expanded via ADAT/S/PDIF and AES67/RAVENNA for larger setups. A MIDI interface is also integrated into the MT 48.

Rear connections and ports of the MT 48
Close-up of the connection ports of the MT 48

Neumann’s excellent build quality and attention to detail extend to its user interface and ergonomics. The MT 48’s built-in, high-res touch screen gives users access to all settings, from pan pots to the channel faders without ever having to switch between hardware and software.

The question people will inevitably ask is “do we really need another audio interface?” Maybe, maybe not, but as their first entry in the category, Neumann appears to have created a very compelling package for established Neumann studios and musician/engineers. By incorporating AD/DA technology from Merging’s excellent Anubis and focusing on heavily on quality throughout the signal chain from input to output, the MT 48 provides a compelling argument to the question and perhaps we should be asking “Shouldn’t we want BETTER audio interfaces?”

MT 48 in its carrying case

Check out the full specifications below:

Mic Inputs 1-2:
Dynamic Range136 dB-A
Equivalent Input Noise (150 Ohm)-128 dBu-A
Input Impedance10 kΩ
Gain Range12…+78 dB in 0.5 dB steps or 0.1 dB (fine)
Pad12 dB/24 dB
Max. Input Level0 /+12/+24 dBu (without Pad/with Pad)
THD + N Preamp + ADC @ 1 kHz, 0 dBFS< -110 dB (0.0003%)
Line Inputs 1-2:
Dynamic Range138.5 dB-A
Input Impedance10 kΩ
Gain Range0…+66 dB
Sensitivity+24 dBu…-42 dBu
Max. Input Level+24 dBu
THD + N Preamp + ADC @ 1 kHz, 0 dBFS< -105 dB (0.0006%)
Instrument/Line Inputs 3-4
Dynamic Range135 dB-A
Input Impedance2 MΩ (balanced) / 1 MΩ (unbalanced)
Gain Range0…+66 dB
Sensitivity+18 dBu … -48 dBu
Max. Input Level+18 dBu
THD + N Preamp + ADC @ 1 kHz, 0 dBFS< -112 dB (0.0003%)
Line/Monitor Outputs:
Output Impedance< 70 Ω
THD+N@ 1 kHz, 0 dBFS< -110 dB (0.0003%)
Dynamic Range123 dB-A
Max. Output Level+24 dBu
Headphone Outputs:
Output Impedance0.035 Ω
Dynamic Range122 dB-A (high) / 117 dB (low)
Max. Output Level+16 dBu (high) /+8 dBu (low)
Connectivity & Operation
AES67/RavennaStandard RJ-45 Gigabit-Ethernet-Anschluss
Expansion ConnectivityADAT/S/PDIF optical I/O, MIDI I/O via 1/4″ jack (DIN 5 adapter set available)
Computer InterfaceUSB-C, 2.0 High Speed (480 MB/s) or higher
Power Consumption<25 W

Can’t wait to get you hands on Neumann’s MT 48? Send us a message below. Deliveries have already begun, but supplies are extremely limited.

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