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Maximize Your Reach

The internet has changed how we broadcast, produce, and consume media. Consumers, employees, and constituents have multiple viewing options from their TVs to their smartphones and organizations must to adapt to the growing demand for high-quality content that is readily available.

Developing a content delivery strategy can help you build a stronger brand following, communicate your messaging more effectively, and reach even more customers.

Corporate keynote presentation

corporate broadcasting

Leverage the power of video to propel your brand to new heights. Captivate your audience with interesting stories, launch new products or services, and create on-demand training sessions for employees.

Increase the reach of your brand

Create compelling videos that reinforce the value of your products or services

Launch new products and services in style

Make the biggest impact on launch day with 4K video production

Establish credibility and trust with your customers

Build a sense of approachability and commonality with video that can’t be recreated with text or photos

Bolster your corporate culture

Engage employees more effectively with video updates, department discussions, and community involvement

Coach on demand, worldwide

Develop captivating video training and process sessions for employees or contractors

Transform your marketing ROI

Videos are more effective at conveying information and result in more customer engagement

Church service live video broadcast

House of worship video broadcasting

Leverage the power of video to propel your brand to new heights. Captivate your audience with interesting stories, launch new prUse the power of video to broadcast your message and enhance the experience of your congregation, in-person or online, anywhere at anytime.

Communicate more effectively

Capture your services in high quality video with transcripts and captions

Enhance the experience

Dazzle your in-person and online worshippers with highly produced video streams

Reach more worshippers

Stream where your worshippers are on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter

Increase participation

Engage employees more effectively with video Implement online Q&A sessions, schedule virtual meet & greets, or prayer requests

Improve donation drives

Use video sharing to raise awareness to more people and extend fundraiser campaigns

Boost venue rentals

Video broadcasting capabilities add an entirely new value proposition to your venue

Howard County council meeting in session

government broadcasting

Use high-quality video broadcasting to connect with the public, your staff, or the media and take control of your communication strategies.

Improve transparency and build trust

Wether you’re broadcasting legislative sessions or public announcements, delivering content consistently increases faith and credibility

Boost community participation

Broadcast public events and give your community the opportunity to produce professional quality video content

Improve public safety

Alert the public quickly and more effectively with clear messaging during emergency or crisis situations

Reach more people on more platforms

Stream your video broadcasts on every social network and video platform simultaneously, in real time

Enhance awareness and public advocacy

Videos are significantly more likely to be shared amongst the public and can improve the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns

Educate and train on demand

Create VOD (videos on demand) for internal trainings or public education campaigns

University of Maryland UMTV news broadcast

Higher ed broadcasting

Expanding your school’s content creation and broadcasting capabilities can have a number of benefits to the students, the faculty, and the schools reputation.

Stay ahead of the tech curve in broadcasting

Prepare students with the same workflows and innovative equipment used by studios throughout the world

Broaden your distance learning curriculum

Expand your virtual course offering with enhanced video instruction, multi-camera video lectures, and high quality Q&A sessions

Boost your school spirit

Show off your school’s competitive talent with the world and make your students proud to represent their school

Increase student participation

Encourage students to produce high-quality shows and events from every department

Access new revenue generating opportunities

Increase the value of your studio for rentals and generate higher income from enterprise-level clients

Expand the capabilities of multiple departments at once

Give your departments the tools they need to continue developing the most engaging curriculum

esports championship broadcast in performing arts center

Venue & Theatre Broadcasting

Whether you’re operating a large-scale stadium, arena, or a performing arts center, broadcasting capabilities are an integral part of your venue’s offering. Staying ahead of the curve with the latest technology can help separate your facility from your competitors and generate even greater ROI.

Add even more value with improved broadcasting capabilities

With more and more options available, today’s venues need to compete not just on capacity, but available features and capability, particularly with secondary revenue options.

Take advantage of 4K/HD broadcasting

Ultra high definition video is now available to the masses. Having the infrastructure to support it is all, but mandatory for broadcasting

Increase your venue’s utilization rate by broadening the potential uses

Expand beyond your horizons and begin marketing your venue for uses that weren’t available without HD video broadcasting like political events, esports championships, or traveling TV shows

Convert to AVoIP workflows and increase interoperability

AVoIP is the future of broadcasting and gives incredible flexibility to broadcast operations including remote teams, access to multiple IP-based cameras (including smartphones), and improved cloud services

Minimized complexity and reduce costs

Converting to IP-based infrastructure eliminates the need for additional equipment and costly cabling

Future-proof your venue

Shifting focus to the latest in broadcasting design and technology can ensure your venue is at the forefront of new standards and methodologies

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