COVID-19 has created immense communication challenges. From collaboration to simple status meetings, normal workflows have completely changed the way we communication. Now is the time to start leveraging the technology that can help your organization improve teamwork and increase productivity without the dreaded “brain drain”.

WPS can help your organization develop and implement a conferencing solution that is designed around your hybrid collaboration needs.

solutions by space

Huddle Rooms

A small conference room that is designed for quick meetings and with complete audio-video capabilities for presentations or video calls.

  • Perfect for a team of 2-6 people
  • Easy to implement in offices with limited space
  • Digital display for presenting or video meetings
  • Wireless or integrated laptop connections within tabletop for presentations
  • Inexpensive to design and deploy
  • Typical for ad-hoc meetings, but can be equipped with schedulers through Microsoft Teams or Zoom

medium-sized conference rooms

A meeting space designed for more formal team gatherings with larger presentation displays and tele-video conferencing capabilities.

  • Perfect for a group of 6-12 people
  • Can often serve as the only meeting space for smaller offices
  • Projector or digital display for presentations or video meetings
  • Typically includes a VoIP telephone system for group teleconferencing calls
  • Wireless or multiple integrated laptop connections within tabletop for presenting onto display
  • Ceiling mounted microphones and speakers for video conferencing
  • Managed via scheduler connected through Microsoft Teams or Zoom

Large conference rooms

A large conference space designed for larger teams or board meetings with multiple microphones, VoIP phone systems, and more advanced video conferencing capabilities.

  • Perfect for a group of 12-25 people
  • Typically serves are the main meeting space for organizations including director meetings, department meetings, and smaller training sessions
  • Typically includes multiple VoIP telephones for teleconferencing calls
  • Multiple integrated connections (physical or wireless) points for laptops
  • Large digital display or projection-powered display
  • PTZ-enabled camera system with smart tracking
  • Managed via scheduler through Microsoft Teams or Zoom

training & seminar rooms

Training and seminar rooms are designed to present information to a larger group of people. These rooms are typically laid out like a classroom with chairs and tables facing the presenter. Most training or seminar rooms are equipped with a video projection system or digital display controlled from a lectern with integrated laptop connection points.

  • Rooms can support small to larger groups
  • Great for continuing education, coaching sessions, or process training for new staff
  • Large projection or video display
  • Multiple smart tracking PTZ cameras (typically in front and rear of the room)
  • Lectern with microphone and integrated laptop connections to control display
  • Integrated ceiling-mounted speakers for attendees
  • File and video distribution through cloud or on-premise server

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